Struggling with back pain?

For a number of years I have struggled with lower back pain. I have tried all sorts of things to remedy this, from sleeping on harder mattress to chiropractors doing exercises with a roller. This latter one, has proved the most beneficial to me. I have used both the typical rollers you get at the gym and also a massage ball. The massage ball is great because you can take it anywhere with you, so it makes it good for sticking to a routine when traveling. The yoga roller, however, is less practical for traveling but depending on the size you buy can still be done.

The best product I’ve found is called the shiatsu massage ball, which you can easily find by doing a Google search. I bought one in Japan, and I have to say they work a treat and getting into those tight muscle areas and releasing them. They’re perfect for traveling as well.

Have you got any advice on how you deal with back pain? We’d love to hear from you.